Kitchen Installations and Home Renovations in Yateley | Advice for Fitting a New Kitchen

Based in Yateley, GR8 Construction and Carpentry is a specialist construction company that helps residents create their dream homes. Of the many construction services we offer as a building contractor, our core services include the following:

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On this page, we have some advice for anyone preparing for kitchen installations in the near future. Hopefully, these tips will help you get the most out of your new kitchen project.

Planning Your Kitchen Layout with Your Building Contractor

Creating a layout design is the key piece of the jigsaw when constructing the perfect kitchen. Like the home refurbishments, home renovations and garage conversions we offer as a professional construction company, we provide design and planning assistance to support you with this important part of the process.

When approaching the design of your layout, you need to think about how you intend to use your kitchen space, as this will dictate the direction you take. Is this purely a cooking space, or would you like it to be used for dining and socialising? How much time do you think you’ll spend in this room? If you can envision your life in the finished space, this will greatly benefit you.

Another thing you should consider for the new kitchen in your Yateley property is the space's existing design. Do you want to stay true to the structure of the room as it is, or do you want to create something new and different? With our capabilities in structural and layout alterations as a building contractor, we can facilitate this transformation should you wish to be more adventurous with your new kitchen layout.

Placing Your Appliances

One crucial part of designing the kitchen layout for your new living space is figuring out where to place your appliances. As an experienced construction company, we would suggest you apply the principle of ‘the kitchen triangle’. This relates to the three core elements of your kitchen - the sink, fridge and cooker. Practically, you’ll be moving between these three elements when you’re preparing food. Hence, it makes sense to position appliances in a way that they’re easily accessible and near each other while you’re concentrating on cooking.

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